Can AI solutions be cost-effective and quickly deployed?

Watch us build yours.

We make AI accessible and easy for healthcare companies of any size, enabling all businesses to reveal competitive and actionable insights.


Machine Learning At Scale.

AppianRx is an AI-focused technology firm that develops innovative solutions for the complex problems of healthcare businesses. Our methodology is sophisticated, scalable, and can enable the breakthrough your company needs. All at a fraction of the typical cost and time.

Anticipate more accurately.
Intervene more effectively.

Predict specific risks to inform targeted mitigation.

Gain operational efficiencies through intelligent automation.

Discover actionable insights that impact your business.

Leveling the Playing Field

What if every healthcare company could access AI solutions to improve their business?

Large or small, most healthcare companies do not possess the technology resources, data science expertise, or an AI technology ecosystem to realistically develop and maintain AI-based solutions. Until now.


Custom AI Solutions are more accessible than you think.

Step One

Build AI Model

Step Two

Test Model

Step Three

Validate Outputs

Step Four

Deploy Solutions

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